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B i o g r a p h y

Scott is an award-winning composer, arranger and synthesist from the North East of England. He’s well versed in traditional composition and is known for his symphonic style.

His passion for electronic music and its history is also a defining factor in his music, with electronic sounds often supplementing or entirely replacing the orchestra.


Scott has been in award-winning bands, composed for stage & television, has written musicals and has released studio albums, EPs & orchestral works.


Radio Castellan (2014)

2026: Musik Inspired By Metropolis (2015)

Hardware (2016)

Clock (2016)

How The Doctor Puppet Saved Christmas (2016)

Two Joyful Tunes (2016)

Milk, 2 Sugars (2017)

Adapting To Mormonism (2017)

Day Of The Dough (2017)

The Last Date (2017)

Body Of Work (2018)

Cycles (2018)

1AD (2018)

Lizard Cops (2018)

Doctor Puppet: The Complete Score (2018)

Sum Of It's Parts (2019)

Sanctuary (2019)
Lusus Naturae (2020)
Exploration: Crave (2020)
Lockdown (2020)
The Babysitter (2020)
Reel Time (2020)
Exploration: MiniBrute (2020)

Carving Day & Other Horror Themes (2020)

Island (2021)

Exploration : Wasp (2021)

Jams: Volume I (2022)

Trinity (2022)

Spiral To The Center (2023)

Vortex (2024)

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