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Hardware Is Here

Today saw the release of Hardware, my first electronic studio album.

I've been into electronic music for as long as I can remember, especially interested in its connection to cinema and television. From the experimental sounds that chilled our bones and transported us to distant worlds in the 60s, with Doctor Who and Forbidden Planet. To the silky smooth productions of the 1980s with horror and science - fiction benefitting from the proliferation of synthesizers, drum machines and the one man studio.

It is this spirit of the 1980s that has inspired the sound behind Hardware. From the opening sting of DX Heaven, the intention is to immerse the listener in a seemingly distant time, where men in sports jackets fight crime with speedboats and talking cars. Despite the poppy fun and plastic beats of certain tracks, this album is not without its darkness. At times, the sunny streets of Miami are left behind and in their place are rain - soaked alleyways, abandoned shopping malls and something lurking in the shadows.

As the title might suggest, this album is an exploration of the hardware synthesizers I have acquired over the last few years. Hardware on Hardware:

- Yamaha DX7 - Roland Juno 6 - Roland HP 101e - Korg M3R - Korg Microkorg - Korg Volca Beats - Custom Studio 22

This album was composed, performed, recorded and produced by me. The first time I have undertaken all of these roles on a musical release.

I am also responsible for the album artwork.

Hardware is available HERE, as a "name your price" affair. This of course means that it is available for free, but donations are greatly appreciated.

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