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The Doctor Puppet Soundtrack is here!

Dramatic realisation after dramatic realisation. That's how Alisa described the epic finale to our series. I knew the music had to be big, brash and full of peril. I also knew that we would have the opportunity to use a real orchestra. We've recorded orchestral parts on Doctor Puppet before, but never like this, never with so many musicians, so many sessions and so much travel.

The composition itself took just under a week with many revisions and late nights, but the opportunity to really let loose with these themes I wrote six years earlier was the perfect fuel. Transcription was provided by Phil Toms, whose contribution to the series cannot be overstated. Alisa traveled to the UK for our recording sessions, which took place in Wells-next-the-Sea, Wallsend, North Shields and my home studio with the nineteen musicians that realised this score.

It was a pleasure to see this music come to life as we round off this incredible six-year adventure, even more so with Alisa, my collaborator, sometimes-boss and now dear friend, by my side. And with the finale to our shows six-year journey, comes an album that I have been dreaming of releasing for just as long. The music of Doctor Puppet will always be very dear to me. It followed me through my whole university career and beyond, into my life as a composer. It stands as a chronicle of my development, shows a gradual maturing in my style and the amazing opportunities that I was given to achieve that. The Doctor Puppet soundtrack album is released both on Compact Disc and Digital Download from:

It is also available to stream on all major services.

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