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Clock Album Artwork

Back in 2009, I was first beginning to step into the world of Film Composition. I had scored a number of short, student films and had recently completed my first feature - length score for the film "R.E.lM."

I was approached by director JJ Thompson to score his upcoming, gritty, urban - set drama about a group of boys struggling to find their place in a world full of clubbing, fighting, drugs and gangs.

The music on my latest album was written to the script of that film, during the months of pre - production. I was working closely with JJ to find the right tone, the right voice for this film. Ultimately the film never made it into production, my sonic experiments were put aside and forgotten.

I recently re - discovered this music during an organisation of files, and felt it deserved a release after sitting, untouched for 7 years. These however, are new recordings based on the original files, using the experience and knowledge I have gained since Clock's original composition. Alognside the talents of Craig Stephenson and Doug Cairns, without whom, this album would be devoid of its signature guitars and grungy bass. I hope you enjoy this audial trip as much as I enjoyed my own voyage of discovery and re - discovery.

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